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About Sharon's Secret Boutique

This business, originated late Summer in 1995 started by a single mom (PartyDiva Sharon) with the desire to help my family and be more involved in my children's lives.  We closed in 2005 to take on family responsibilities (parents).  However I stayed active in another home party plan and since the closing of that company I decided to regroup and go online as well as do parties. 

IThe party world has changed a little bit, women still want and need romance enhancing products!    I'm happy that my products can be bought from the privacy of your home as well as shared with your partner.  I was always about confidential shopping and privacy.   Couples want to have fun while enhancing the sexual encounters in their lives.  We are all so busy working we forget about living & that includes our partners & our personal lives.   I have the knowledge and the ability to help others with their romance & sensual health and the social media platform will help me get the product out in a private and secure manner.   I am excited to say that social media has a plan and I'm going to implement it!!